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About the Charter of the University of Shimane

 The University of Shimane was founded in April 2007 with the integration of three  institutions: The University of Shimane (Hamada), Shimane Prefectural Women’s College (Matsue), and Shimane Nursing College (Izumo), in order to nurture creative and practical skills for the twenty-first century, and to contribute to the development of the local community through education and research.
 The charter of the University of Shimane is hereby established in order to preserve the historical heritage of each campus and to confirm the University’s commitment to progress in the twenty-first century.

Charter of the University of Shimane

 The University of Shimane is striving to integrate various sciences from the pure to the applied, as advocated by our academic forefather in this region, Nishi Amane, philosopher and Meiji era modernizer. The university is to deepen research in each academic discipline and to develop creative education based on this research. In so doing, the university aims to nurture persons who can approach the practical issues of contemporary society from an international perspective and who can contribute to the development and revitalization of the local community. Furthermore, by taking advantage of its present academic resources and interdisciplinary network, the University of Shimane is to become a university which can respond to the needs of the local community, work in partnership with the local community, and be trusted by the local community. At the same time, it aims to develop into a university which can contribute to the development of the international community in North East Asia and beyond.

1. To advance civic education and train students who can learn and act autonomously.

The University of Shimane is striving to develop into a center of education, nurturing persons who can contribute to multiple areas of contemporary society, by equipping them with a far-reaching civic education, advanced professional knowledge, problem-solving skills, and highly developed ethics.

2. To create an interdisciplinary field in response to the issues of contemporary society.

In order to respond to the issues of an increasingly complex contemporary world, the University of Shimane aims to be a center of academic research, where various human and social sciences are dealt with in an interdisciplinary field.

3. To contribute to the local community through research on local issues, and by actively supporting the endeavors of local residents and students.

Taking advantage of its position in the local community and rich intellectual resources, the University of Shimane is to conduct unique and practical research in the community jointly with local residents. The University of Shimane and its students are to actively participate in enhancing the community, and striving to gain trust from local residents.

4. To build a center for research and education with an international reputation in North East Asia and beyond.

By developing an educational and academic network in North East Asia and various parts of the world, the University of Shimane strives to become an intellectual center of excellence in North East Asia with an international perspective and rich accumulation of research.

5. To manage the University with autonomy, partnership, and transparency.

Integration of the three campuses has enriched the University, while the unique nature of the three campuses and their students, faculty, and staff has been retained. In order to respond quickly to social and contemporary change, the University of Shimane is to be managed through continuous self-assessment and active disclosure of information.